Grey hopsack Jacket with removeable chest piece - Made in Italy - Pini Parma



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Grey hopsack Jacket with removeable chest piece - Made in Italy

Half Canvas
100 % Wool composition with a weight of 270 gr/mt
Removable chest piece
Natural shoulders (no padding)
"Barchetta" pocket
Patch pocket
Drop 6 (semi-slim fit)
Fully lined 
Made in Italy



Entirely Manufactured with care by our master tailors in Italy, this product was realized with an Italian fabric of pure wool Hopsack 250 gr / mt.
The hopsack is a woolen fabric, distinguished by its keenness to the touch  and its grainy surface; the weave structur of Hopsack makes this fabric at the same time solid and extremely lightweight and also incredibly crease-resistant.The term comes from the English hop-sack, the sack for hops, and refers the fabric in which the hop sacks were made.



It is a Half Canvas jacket, completely made in Italy by renowned tailors which produces men’s suits for the world's most prestigious fashion houses. The canvas is applied from the shoulder by the underside of the jacket to the middle of the chest, for this reason, it is called "Half Canvas". This construction provides a fluidity where it is applied either in the upper part of the chest where one needs comfort and flexibility for everyday movements. The jacket will, therefore, have a structure and at the same time an elegant fluidity. The fabric gives the jacket greater durability compared to a fused construction jacket and makes it comfortable and breathable.


The Neapolitan shoulder (Spalla Camicia in Italian) is constructed without padding, giving you a natural and delicate look without amplifying a persons features and at the same time gives you a more spontaneous elegance
The chest pocket "Barchetta" (small boat) is cut with the upper corner pronounced recalling the shape of a boat and confers harmonious proportions at the level of the chest.


Request dry cleaning at specialist cleaner's only, do not bleach. Do not tumble dry, iron at low temperature.


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