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BLUE FLANNEL SUIT With Side Adjuster - Made in Italy

Half Canvas
Lapel of 9.5 cm wide
Composition 100% Wool - Italian High-Quality Flannel 270 gr/mt 
Natural shoulders (no padding)
"Barchetta" pocket 
Flap pocket
Buttonholes opened
Drop 6 
Classic Trousers Semi-slim fit with Side adjusters
Made In Italy



This suit is made with 100 % Italian wool with a weight of 270 gr/mt by a renowned Italian wool manufacturer which we especially selected for the creation of this collection. Designed with a faux uni weave in blue color that gives it the look of a solid shade from afar, but comes alive with pattern up close, for a subtle touch of texture.
The Flannel it has a slightly soft and fury finish texture, raised by the "garzatura" which is the final stage of the treatment, which makes this wool a good thermal insulator.  We chose from among expert tailors who still use traditional hand crafted techniques, this allowed us to manufacture an extremely elegante suit.



It is a Half Canvas jacket, completely made in Italy by renowned tailors which produces men’s suits for the world's most prestigious fashion houses. The canvas is applied from the shoulder by the underside of the jacket to the middle of the chest, for this reason, it is called "Half Canvas". This construction provides a fluidity where it is applied either in the upper part of the chest where one needs comfort and flexibility for everyday movements. The jacket will, therefore, have a structure and at the same time an elegant fluidity. The fabric gives the jacket greater durability compared to a fused construction jacket and makes it comfortable and breathable.


The Neapolitan shoulder (Spalla Camicia in Italian) is constructed without padding, giving you a naturel and delicate look without amplifying a persons features and at the same time gives you a more spontaneous elegance
The chest pocket "Barchetta" (small boat) is cut with the upper corner pronounced recalling the shape of a boat and confers harmonious proportions at the level of the chest.

The trousers have a semi-slim fit and the side adjusters. Due to the semi slim cut of these trousers we have left extra fabric inside at the seams, so as to allow for simple alterations if needed. This allows for the waist, hips and legs be let out. The cuff is left long on purpose so as to allow it to be short, long or with turnups so giving that touch of individuality. A rubber strip has been incorporated into the edge of the waistband to prevent shirts from slipping out of the trousers.



Request wet cleaning at specialist cleaner's only, do not bleach. Do not tumble dry, iron at low temperature.


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