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Article: What do we mean by a full canvas suit?

COSTUME ENTOILÉ OU SEMI-ENTOILÉ - half canvas vs full canvas

What do we mean by a full canvas suit?

The true character of a suit is often defined by its fit, quality of fabric and its construction. Construction plays a large role in the overall quality of a suit.

What do we mean by a full canvas suit? 

When we are talking about a full canvas suit, the jacket has a construction in which an interlining of canvas, made of wool and horsehair, is sewn in between the inner suit lining and outer fabric and extends the full length of the jacket. Full canvas construction extends the canvas from the shoulders down to the base of the jacket including the lapels, which are pad-stitched. This is vital in order to give the correct shape and support, as well as enabling a smooth lapel roll. The canvas is stitched to the jacket by hand, thus making the pieces ‘float’ in the middle of the inner and outer cloth. 

Why horse hair? Horse hair allows the canvas to be springy, yet strong and resilient.

HALF CANVAS CONSTRUCTION                                                                       FULL CANVAS CONSTRUCTION

half canvas jacket half canvas construction costume semi éntoilé full canvas vs half canvas  full canvas jacket full canvas construction costume entierement éntoilé full canvas vs half canvas


The canvas plays an important role in keeping the proper balance, structure and shape of the suit. 
This type of construction allows the jacket to follow the body and give it a natural effect, creating a very light weave that will continue to adapt and improve over time; naturally a fully canvassed jacket will have a longer life than a fused or half canvas jacket and will be wrinkle-resistant.

Canvas also has the advantage of improving the durability of a jacket by distributing tension from stress points (such as the elbows and shoulders) and it allows the suit to “breathe” and hold up to repeated dry cleaning.



When the highest quality construction is combined with the excellence of wool.

Loro Piana, a historic wool mill in the province of Biella, is renowned worldwide for the great attention it pays to choosing the rarest highest quality raw materials, giving life to fabrics of unequalled finesse.
Normally a suit made with wool with a weight in gr/mt greater than 300 gr/mt can be considered for winter, while a weight less than 250 gr/mt can be considered for summer, which is why this suit wool Loro Piana 260 gr/mt, it is an excellent solution for all four seasons.
180 to 250 grams/meter Spring Summer
260 to 290 grams/meter four seasons
300 to 450 grams/meter Autumn Winter



This Collection is entirely manufactured with care by our master tailors in Italy. We chose from among expert tailors who still use traditional handcrafted techniques, this allowed us to manufacture an extremely elegant and comfortable garment.

Our Full Canvas collection consists of four Suits and one Blazer:


 Blue full canvas suit in Loro Piana wool   

Avio full canvas suit in Loro Piana wool


Grey full canvas suit in Loro Piana wool 

Blue Prince of Wales full canvas suit in Loro Piana wool

 Blue blazer in Loro Piana wool


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