Avio herringbone suit "Neapolitan Capsule Collection" - Made in Italy - Pini Parma

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Avio herringbone suit "Neapolitan Capsule Collection" - Made in Italy

Half Canvas
Composition 100 % Italian High-Quality wool 240 gr/mt
Lapel of 10 cm wide wih 6mm AMF stitching
Mappina shoulders (Shirt shoulder)
Three-roll-two (“tre bottoni stirato a due”)
"Barchetta" pocket 
Higher side vents (25cm)
Milanese buttonhole on the lapel (Asola Milanese)
Functioning sleeve buttonholes
Patch pocket
Drop 6 
Soragna trousers: high-rise trouser with a semi-slim fit cut, large extended tab fastening belt, single pleat and side adjusters
Made In Italy

Model wears: 48 (IT-EU) / 38 (US-UK)
Model's height: 183 cm / 6'0"


The Neapolitan Jacket, is a symbol of expressive uniqueness and timeless elegance, known and loved all over the world for the lightness of its fabrics and its excellent fit.
Among the details that define the Neapolitan origin of a jacket, the shoulder is again a key element. The Neapolitan shoulder follows the natural line of the body, culminating in “a camicia” stitched armholes, that is, with the fabric in excess to the seam of a garment, put under the shoulder and is stopped with an external seam; it will have an excess of fabric responsible for the formation of those distinctive pleats of the Neapolitan jacket. The result is a sleeve defined as “manica a mappina”, that can accompany daily gestures. Further peculiarities of the Neapolitan jacket are the unusual and rounded shape of the so-called “pignata” patch pocket and the (“boat-shaped” Barchetta) breast pocket that flips upwards. The buttons of the sleeves overlap slightly, and, for this reason, they are called “kissed buttons”.
Typical of the Neapolitan tailoring is the so-called three-roll-two (“tre bottoni stirato a due”) construction for the single-breasted jacket, which has a hand-rolled lapel, which makes it possible to see only the two lower buttons, with the first, therefore, hidden and whose corresponding buttonhole mounted upside down, that is the final touch of a tailored garment in which nothing is left to chance.


It is a Half Canvas jacket, completely made in Italy by renowned tailors which produces men’s suits for the world's most prestigious fashion houses. The canvas is applied from the shoulder by the underside of the jacket to the middle of the chest, for this reason, it is called "Half Canvas". This construction provides a fluidity where it is applied either in the upper part of the chest where one needs comfort and flexibility for everyday movements. The jacket will, therefore, have a structure and at the same time an elegant fluidity. The fabric gives the jacket greater durability compared to a fused construction jacket and makes it comfortable and breathable.


A tailored trouser with single pleats, a High-rise with a slim fit cut, a large extended tab fastening belt and the side adjusters. We have left extra fabric inside at the seams, so as to allow for simple alterations if needed. This allows for the waist, hips and legs be let out. The cuff is left long on purpose so as to allow it to be short, long or with turn-ups so giving that touch of individuality.


Request dry cleaning at specialist cleaner's only, do not bleach. Do not tumble dry, iron at low temperature.

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